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Customer Testimonals

What follows are real testimonials from customers of our products.

We hope you will see the amount of effort and love that goes into the the making of our products is reflected in the our cstomer reviews !


PROCONAT Collagene Cream
Fresh 92.7 FM Radio Listener - Jessie

"I started using the Proconat Collagene Cream at night time and noticed a difference overnight showing noticeably softer skin with more suppleness, have already gotten all of my friends onto it as well!"


PROCONAT Collagene Cream
Fresh 92.7 FM Radio VolunteerErin:
"Proconat cream is the best! I couldn’t believe how soft and smooth my skin felt after! It’s become my face cream of choice from now on"


Fresh 92.7 FM Radio Staff Member – Darren:
"I have been using the Proconat Creams from Madame Josephine’s since the start of the year,
Usually I get some issues from face creams but these are non-greasy and work well.
I have noticed a difference in my skin since using the Proconat range and strongly recommend giving them a trial!"


PROCONAT Collagen Cream
Marion Saunders:

"I have been using Proconat Collagene Cream for more years than I care to remember.
I started using it in my 40s, am now in my mid 70s and have used it every morning after my shower.
The cream is light and very quickly absorbed, so foundation flows over it evenly and easily.
Your skin’s moisture levels are maintained all day.
Despite my outdoor life and encroaching age, my skin is still in good condition and virtually unlined.
I would encourage all women to try this product.
It will certainly improve your skin and it will not break the budget, either!"